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Ted Williams is Fly Rod & Reel’s longtime Conservation Editor.

Don’t let menhaden become a case of could have, should have, would have

Here we go again. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has held hearings up and down the East Coast on what to do about menhaden: Should we keep catching the same amount, catch more, catch less, or do an ecosystem study to see how menhaden fit into the scheme of saving the Chesapeake Bay?

Foreign Boats Reap Enormous Tuna Profits From Costa Rican Waters - Costa Rica Star News

– Only 5 percent of the tuna caught in Costa Rican waters is hauled in by local boats. Data from a recent study by the non-profit marine conservation foundation, MarViva, shows Costa Rica lagging behind in the tuna fishery industry, a resource that could aid struggling coastal economies. “At a time when the fisheries sector is in crisis, the country’s fishing resources must be managed in a scientific and sustainable way, and substantial changes must be undertaken to the tuna policy to benefit national fisherman and guarantee the sustainability of this valuable resource,” said MarViva researchers at a presentation of...

Refuge for native Iowa trout

In just seven years, a ditch through an Allamakee County cornfield has been transformed into a tall-grass-prairie stream in which Iowa’s only native strain of trout flourishes.

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