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Ted Williams is Fly Rod & Reel’s longtime Conservation Editor.

Black Bass: How many species are there?

Guest Author: Tim Bonvechio; Editor: Patrick Cooney Black bass are the most popular freshwater sportfish in the USA.  Their popularity as a sportfish has expanded their distri…


Earlier this month, a group of tackle industry, boatbuilding industry and anglers’ rights groups, which  have banded together under the ban...

Alligator gar released into Horseshoe Lake

So maybe they aren't exactly monsters of the deep, but these alligator gar can grow to 35 pounds. Illinois Department of Natural Resources district fisheries biologist Fred Cronin talks about the process of bringing back the species that since the 1960s has been extinct in Illinois. A batch of baby gar was released Thursday at Horseshoe Lake State Park near Granite City and into the Kaskaskia River south of New Athens.

First Ever 'Glock-Fishing' Underwater is Must See Video - Outdoors360

Courtland Hunt has just changed the underwater game by successfully shooting invasive Lionfish over 100ft underwater with a customized Glock 9mm handgun in the Gulf of Mexico. “The project started to see if we could shoot a gun underwater and it evolved into much more with the right people involved.” Lionfish are an invasive species that... Read more »

Final Sentence in Colorado's Worst Poaching Case

One of the most repellent wildlife cruelty cases in state history drew to a close this week with the sentencing of a Western Slope outfitter, the last of six defendants involved in a poaching operation that provided high-priced hunts of mountain lions and bobcats — many of whom had already...

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