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Ted Williams is Fly Rod & Reel’s longtime Conservation Editor.

Obama standing up to halt aerial hunting of grizzlies, denning of wolves, and other ghastly practices on preserves, refuges in Alaska · A Humane Nation

The United States does not have to be party to the anti-predator mania that infects the wildlife management industry in Alaska. The state adopted an Intensive Predator Management program in 1994, and it’s essentially been treating its moose and caribou like a cattle herd, offering them up to Alaska hunters – both resident and non-resident . . .

Manatee deaths resume in Indian River

Manatee deaths linked to pollution have resumed in the algae-stricken Indian River Lagoon of Brevard County, according to state wildlife officials.

Bull trout lawsuit targets 26 dams in Columbia River Basin

The alliance says the three federal agencies have failed to complete required consultations with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on how to operate 26 dams in areas designated as critical bull trout habitat. Specifically, the lawsuit contends the agencies have failed to write biological assessments for many of the dams pertaining to bull trout and required following the 2010 designation of critical habitat for the species in the four states and a small portion of Nevada. Threats to the cold-water species include warming water caused by climate change, isolated populations, hybridization with non-native brook trout, and competition from non-native lake trout, according to experts.

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