Ted Williams
About Ted Williams
Ted Williams is Fly Rod & Reel’s longtime Conservation Editor.

Pew Applauds New Shark Sanctuary in Kiribati

SOUTH TARAWA, Kiribati—The Pew Charitable Trusts applauded the Pacific island nation of Kiribati today for its establishment of the world’s second largest shark sanctuary.

The Hard Truth on Summer Flounder - Marine Fish Conservation Network

Despite What Some Are Saying, We Have To Do Something with Fluke Over the years, I’ve written a lot about summer flounder… mostly using it as an example of how the conservation provisions of federal fisheries managed law (AKA the Magnuson Stevens Act – MSA) have worked to rebuild stocks… and subsequently provided access to …

Save the Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna are powerful ocean predators, growing up to twice the size of a lion and faster than a gazelle. There’s just one fatal flaw in their torpedo-like design: Their flesh is delicious to humans and worth a lot of money, creating a market demand that has led to a history of rampant overfishing.

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