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July 29, 2016

  CONSERVATION AND SCIENCE REPORT Issue 6, 2016 By Bill Bakke The Effect of Hatchery Breeding on Inbreeding and Survival of Wild Populations of Fish Waples, Robin S., Kjetil Hindar, Sten Karlsson, and Jeffrey Hard. … Read More

The hot new innovation in automobile safety: mountain lions

What’s one simple, inexpensive way to make driving safer? Letting big predators live. If mountain lions returned to the eastern United States, say researchers, their predatory habits would literally get white-tailed deer off the road, reducing collisions between drivers and deer by 22% over the next 30 years. That would translate into 21,400 averted injuries,

Who Has the Right to Manage Red Snapper? - Marine Fish Conservation Network

Louisiana Congressman Garret Graves is the primary sponsor of H.R. 3094, legislation that would strip the National Marine Fisheries Service of its authority to manage red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico, and to turn that authority over to the five Gulf states. Rep. Graves has provided a number of justifications in support of such …

Goat Drowns Trying to Escape Alaska Crowds Taking Its Photo

A mountain goat in Alaska jumped into the ocean to get away from crowds snapping its picture, and the animal drowned when it couldn't get back to land because of the crush of people on shore. Alaska State Troopers say it's imperative to give animals adequate space. That didn't happen...

By the Numbers

If you’ve gone to enough fisheries management meetings, you know the routine.

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