Ted Williams
About Ted Williams
Ted Williams is Fly Rod & Reel’s longtime Conservation Editor.

A Race Against the Clock for Brook Trout Conservation

Are brook trout destined for extinction? That is a future that Shannon White, a Ph.D. student working with Dr. Tyler Wagner at the USGS Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Penn State University, is working to avoid. One challenge is that the tools available to fisheries managers focus on solving problems within a watershed, but are not prepared to tackle future species-wide problems like climate change.

Forest Management in Appalachians Benefits Migratory Birds

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) recently released a report detailing how wildlife can benefit through the application of sustainable forestry practices, according to the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI). The report, titled Sustainably Managing Forests Creates Golden-Winged Warbler Breeding Habitat, highlights proven conservation strategies for the bird based on sound forestry management.


Ted Williams detests baseball, but is as obsessed with fishing as was the "real" (or, as he much prefers, "late") Ted Williams. What he finds really discouraging is when readers meet him in person …

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