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Ted Williams is Fly Rod & Reel’s longtime Conservation Editor.

2-for-1? Sounds Good, But Don't Take the Bait - Marine Fish Conservation Network

How the Administration’s Actions Could Affect our Fisheries Top Photo: Arizona Aubrey with a Tillamook Bay sturgeon We’ve all been victims of regulation, and when President Trump rolled out his “1 new regulation in, 2 old ones out” executive order, I wasn’t sure that was such a bad idea. But then I got educated. In …

Off target - Boulder Weekly

On Dec. 14, 2016, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission unanimously approved two separate management plans for determining the degree to which predation by mountain lions and black bears affects mule deer populations in Colorado. To do so, the Piceance Basin and Upper Arkansas River Predator Management Plans both call for the killing of

A Chance for Trump to Save Our Streams

THE eastern brook trout, whose native haunts in the Appalachians are a short drive from my home in Washington, is a fragile species. It requires the coldest and cleanest water to survive, and over the past two centuries, its ranks have been decimated by all that modern society could throw at it. Today it lives in a fraction of its historic range.

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