Bear Facts on the NRA

Some sportsmen see Wayne Pacelle and his Humane Society of the U.S. as the "enemy." (I'm not one of them.) But whatever you think about Wayne and his outfit, he absolutely nailed this piece. I wouldn't change a word.
Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation %7C The Humane Society

GAO Investigation Uncovers Political Meddling by Four Top Interior Officials

Washington, D.C. - At an oversight hearing Wednesday of the House Natural
Resources Committee, testimony presented by a Congressional investigator
deployed by the Committee revealed that four additional highly placed
officials at the Interior Department had inappropriately influenced

Nature lovers ride to rescue

A cavalry made up of sportsmen, conservation groups and San Luis Valley residents have charged to the rescue of public lands along the upper Rio Grande just days before those lands were to be sacrificed to energy development.
Faced with a public outcry and 100 formal protests, the U.S. Bureau

Food or fuel?: Corn ethanol a culprit in food price increase

The food-versus-fuel debate is likely to get hotter, as food shortages in countries as widespread as Haiti, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia and Somalia grow more lethal.
The prices of food, especially grains, have risen sharply in recent months, sending grocery bills higher in developed countries